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my story

I am a 4th generation Coloradan and find my greatest sense of peace when surrounded by nature. For as long as I can remember I have had a love for health and wellness. My mom exposed us to alternative healing modalities and positive psychology practices from the start. This allowed me early on to explore methods that supported my personal growth and awareness, which is the foundation for the work I do now. 


I am authentically passionate, a strong empath who feels deeply. My journey has been centered around cultivating optimal health, compassion, and love for self - inside and out. 


If you continue on, you’ll learn the story of what led me to where I am today as a lifestyle and mindset coach, yoga teacher, Ayurvedic Health Counselor, and Ayurvedic Chef. 

  • My first memory of yoga was in Montessori school. At the age 4, I clearly remember practicing candlestick; shoulder stand.

  • I was an athlete; a competitive swimmer, soccer player, and swim coach.


  • My pediatrician wove in homeopathy and Ayurvedic medicine into western practice. 


  • As the oldest and only girl in a large family I found myself in a role of caregiver and mentor.


  • I found joy in the kitchen, making everything from food to homemade skin care. 


My mom has always said to cook with love, and throughout my wellness journey I’ve directly experienced how important the energy you cook and eat your food with is to your overall health. I continue to find it a therapeutic and creative outlet. 


The past 20+ years have come with opportunity and challenge paired with growth and transformation. 


  • I dreamt early on of having a mountain retreat center of sorts, I thought about becoming a chef, and a doctor. 


  • In my teens I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome. I was already on my path to burnout. 


  • I studied abroad and lived in Australia for a year. I changed my college degree. I stoked my fire for travel and learning. 


  • In college my best friend suggested I try hot yoga. I didn’t. I continued with group fitness and sometimes added a yin yoga class. 


  • I was extreme and intense. All or nothing mentality. 


  • I struggled with my weight. I over controlled my eating. Food was something I could control. I measured and weighed my food. I ate specific food combinations. I lost weight quickly. I gained it back quickly. 


  • I moved to the mountains, I was a bartender, a wedding coordinator, a salon & spa director. 


  • I worked an unhealthy amount. 


  • I moved 10 times in 3 years. 


  • I was in debt. I was trying to find myself. I felt exhausted. 


  • I was unhappy and I didn’t know why. 


  • I was not in the flow of my life. 


In 2007, I moved from the mountains to open an environmentally friendly and socially responsible hair salon. I spent the next ten years with my Grandmother. She was something special and we took care of each other. The absolute BEST roommate I ever had. Grateful every moment for that experience. 


That was a pivotal point to regaining balance and creating optimal health in my life. 


  • I found more consistency and routine and started prioritizing self-care practices.  


  • I began to nourish my body and mind differently. 


  • I became more aware; from my material purchases, to my food, to my skin care products. 


  • I educated myself and learned about what I was supporting with my dollar. 


  • I upgraded the quality of the food and products being put in and on my body. 


  • I had a desire to share environmentally and socially responsible business practices. 


  • I became a conscious consumer through my purchases; giving power and supporting brands that align with my values. 


It’s a process and I am not perfect. The practice of becoming aware, of making conscious choices in all aspects of my life. When you know better, you can do better.


In 2009 I found myself consistently on my yoga mat, after I ran my first (and note, only) marathon. I felt a deep sense of stillness and peace in my mind. My friend was right, I LOVED heated yoga. The sweat, the challenge, the stillness; I craved everything about it. Your mat is always there, ready to meet you exactly where you are, without judgements. Like a cozy blanket on a cold day; the practice of yoga gives you exactly what you need, right when you need it.  Seeking to find balance of mind, body, and spirit, yoga gave me (and still does) the tools to stay present and compassionate. 


Something was calling to me to share the benefits of yoga with everyone and knew a Yoga Teacher Training was in my future.  


I explored more of what brought me joy. 


  • I started to uncover the seeds of my suffering. I still worked too much and lived too little. 


  • I was laid off. I ignored my internal wisdom and continued on my path to burnout. 


  • I wasn’t caring for myself first. At one point I worked 8 part-time jobs. 


  • I was humbled by making minimum wage. 


I believe everything happens at exactly the right time, even if it’s hard to see in the moment. 


After my first yoga training, I spent close to a decade as a teacher and senior leader with a large yoga company; blending my passion for business and yoga. With a team of dynamic individuals, we grew a network of community yoga studios from 40 to over 200 locations. 


  • I immersed myself in my work and community. 


  • I created experiences that supported growth and transformation. 


  • I still was living with too much intensity and speed. 


  • I started to eat organic. 


  • I shifted my energy around food. I enjoyed food rather than controlling it. 


  • I began to feel expansion. I created healthier boundaries. 


  • I cultivated space for myself and began to live in a state of abundance. Abundance in everything; time, energy, finances, material things, food, relationships, etc. 


  • I started to feel in the flow of my life. 


  • I felt inspired and energized. 


  • I continued my training and education. 


  • I studied myself. I peeled back the layers. I did the work to liberate myself. 


  • I identified my stories. I learned to work with them differently. 


  • I acknowledged and reset unhealthy patterns. 


  • I did Ayurvedic based wellness cleanses. 


  • I created morning and evening rituals rooted in the ancient wisdom of Yoga and Ayurveda. 


  • I made a loves list to remind me of the simple things that bring me joy. 


  • I noticed. I inquired. I practiced. 


  • I was more patient and compassionate with myself and others. 


  • I continued to develop my awareness. 


I took my first 10-day vacation for a friend’s wedding. It was another turning point. I asked myself, when was the last time I had a day with nothing planned or scheduled, time to just sit and be? I couldn’t think of one time. I slowed down. It was magical. 


  • I traveled to India and studied yoga. 


  • I was laid off, again.  I     f  e  l  t      f  r  e  e .      I took a sabbatical. 


  • Dreams arose for a future mountain well-being center; a collaboration in the works with heart-centered, like-minded individuals to spark goodness, expand loving-kindness, and share practices that support wholeness of mind, body, and spirit. We envision a beautiful mountain oasis for us to establish our well-being center roots, a space that illuminates and empowers hearts and minds. 


  • I rekindled my passion for photography. I learned kids yoga. I went back to school for Ayurveda. 


  • I traveled to India and Asia and continued my learning. 

  • I completed an Ayurvedic Culinary and Nutrition Program working to become an Ayurvedic Chef. 

  • I enrolled in a second 300-hour Integrated Yoga training, continuing to dive deep into the study of Yoga and our relationship to rest and release. Learning even more about dynamic and intuitive rest practices


  • subtle and transformative techniques bring more harmony physically and energetically. and other , as well as, aspects from Yin, Nidra, . 



And here I am! I started Method Mindful, my coaching and consulting business, to use my experience to share ancient wisdom practices that integrate with modern lives to bring more joy, well-being, and ease to the world. 


"I am a conduit in this world to bring about beautiful light, inspiration and joy to others – I am gifted with divinely inspired insights that can truly benefit those around me. I am here to give wise counsel by sharing, in a digestible and applicable way, what I have learned so that we ALL live more joyful lives."


May the heaven be peaceful.

May the earth be free from disturbance.

May the vast atmosphere be calm.

May the flowing waters be soothing and all the plants and herbs prove beneficial to us.

From the Atharva Veda

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