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a year of

Living Self-Care

Starts May 11th, 2022 

3 live sessions per month
private 1:1 + group (recording available) + open q&a

Integrate lasting strategies for vibrant living

Your Annual Pass Includes:

  • [11] Group Coaching Sessions, 90min 2nd Wednesday of the month (recording available for 30 days) 

  • [11] Open Q&A / Office Hours, 60min 1x month (more may be added, based on group)

  • [12] 1:1 Mentorship Sessions, 60min 1x month

  • Ayurvedic Assessment (up to 2 hours) & Report of Findings / First Mentorship Session (60min) [before May 2022, scheduled once deposit is received]

  • Weekly Check-Ins + Unlimited access to me via email (24-48hr response time), for questions, support, and strategy between sessions

  • Group community and ongoing monthly support (this will continue post program!) 

  • Living Ayurveda Self-Care Kit 

  • Resource Toolkit: Well-Being Self-Assessment, Ayurvedic Meal Prep & Plan, Self-Care Tracking, Worksheets, & Templates

  • BONUS: Access to auxiliary programs & select day retreats while immersing yourself in a year of Living Ayurveda  (does not include travel retreats) 

Throughout our time together we will focus on integrating transformative habits and routines that support holistic well-being throughout all facets of your life (physical, emotional, spiritual, financial, social, occupational, intellectual, environmental) so you can create an optimal environment for health and healing to occur. You will build mental, physical, and emotional resilience that leads to more inner empowerment. Give yourself permission to embody and experience a more authentic, confident, joyful, abundant, and vibrant life. 

This journey will help you to: 

  • understand yourself on a deeper level, with more love and compassion and deep acceptance for everything you already are

  • learn how to identify what you need in the moment, take inspired responsibility and bold action, making choices supported by your intuitive knowing 

  • define your most pacifying and supportive morning + evening routine, self-care rituals, and energy regulating techniques 

  • align with natures rhythms (circadian rhythms): sleep / lifestyle / diet / mindset / senses


In Ayurveda the path of healing is based on a simple premise:

  • Excess qualities in body and mind need to be reduced by applying the opposite qualities

  • When proper doshic balance is thus reestablished, normal physiology is restored, and healing occurs


It can be simple and complex all at the same time. Ayurveda is like learning another language, one that is intuitive – it makes sense when we hear it and yet we need to learn how to understand and adapt it to our lives. Together we will explore how it applies to you, identify how to pacify excess or depleted qualities in your body and mind, meeting you exactly where you are at on your healing journey. These are simple, straightforward tools and techniques that when practiced make long lasting changes. 

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